5 Common SEO Mistakes

Our team at TakeoverSEO wanted to share these 5 common SEO mistakes. Our team is now working with clients in cities such as Nashville, St. Louis, and New Orleans. You can also check us out on our LinkedIn page,www.linkedin.com/in/memphisseoagency

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization and it is a collection of methods that are used to rank a website closest to the top position in search results. There is a lot of misinformation on the web about what works and what does not. Here are a few of the most common mistakes and advice on avoiding them.

1.The use of too much flash and scripts on the website

One popular mistake in SEO is the use of too many flash and other scripts on the website. Of course, it is a plus point if your website is appealing to the eye. Thus many website owners try to incorporate flash pages, which are not optimized for a search engine to crawl. Since there is not enough content for a search engine to index your first loading page, the spider will not be interested in your website. This will result to a very low page rank. If you want to use flash on your website, it is recommended that you make up your flash page with some text and graphics that optimized correctly for the search engine.

  1. Not maximizing what ALT tags can do for the content and the images

This is one recommendation that should not be forgotten- the need to use the ALT tags. These tags are used to describe the images that are used in the pages. Try to incorporate these tags every time images are used on the website. And when writing these ALT tags for the images, the best SEO efforts means including some of the keywords in these tags.

  1. Over Optimization

Keywords are considered as the foundation of search engine optimization. However, there are some who stuff their content with too many keywords. Overstuffing and using too much keyword in the resource will not help your cause. And when the spiders find out what you have been doing, then you are only courting disaster since the page ranking may be affected. Instead of keyword stuffing, a good strategy is writing good and informative resources that readers and internet users can appreciate. At least by doing that, your site can get a return visit from the readers.

  1. Content duplication

It is also a mistake to steal content from other websites. Take note that robots can distinguish an original content from a plagiarized one. You need to come up with good yet informative content to entice your readers to come back. Therefore, plagiarizing content is not conducive to your page ranking.

  1. Neglecting Search Engine Guidelines

And lastly, most of the newbie SEO practitioners overlook the search engine guidelines. It is important to read and be familiar with these guidelines so as to avoid using the SEO techniques and practices that are prohibited. One of the bad or fraudulent techniques in SEO is the black hat. Consider these actions as unethical actions at least in the realm of internet and SEO. Once this is used, you may be at the risk of getting your website banned in the search engines. To put your online marketing on the right note means steering away from these common search engine optimization mistakes and traps.