Benefit From Our Volunteer Service Program For Chiropractors!

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There are so many local chiropractic clinics that don’t have a marketing expert on staff to make sure their business is found online by patients searching for them locally, especially in the search engines like Google.

On the reverse side, people in town are always looking for great chiropractors in their city but they may not even know the business existed because they haven’t been able to find them online.

Our thinking is, if we could do a little starting work for you and help you understand how to grow your business from being found online, you will be able to reap the benefits of new traffic and patients where you weren’t able to before.

Since our team has extra time during the weeks to allocate to new marketing projects, we figured why not create a Volunteer Service Program where we help chiropractors like you that don’t have expert marketing teams on staff, gratis (on our dime) for the first couple months to get your online presence up to date, show some traction, and help you grow even more on other paid projects after.

If you would like us to help you with your business, we have a few limited spots for this volunteer initiative.

To get started, please contact Leah at, now and let her know that you are signing up for the Volunteer Service Program For Chiropractors.

P.S. If there was a catch, it would primarily be that we would appreciate consideration on working together on future projects after this volunteer initiative.


Talk to you soon!


-TakeOverSEO team

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