About Us

Our passion is helping clients maximize their visibility and revenue generated online.

  • Who We Are

    Founded in Memphis, Tennessee, TakeOverSEO is a family-owned internet marketing firm with one major goal. Our core mission is helping our clients achieve maximum visibility and revenue generated online. Since our establishment, we have been focused on promoting the marketing growth of local businesses nationwide, and our reputation exceeds us as an internet marketing firm that over-delivers to our clients’ expectations.

    Unlike our competitors, our team takes a committed role to ensuring that our clients’ marketing goals are met. With all of our clients, we want to communicate with them about their goals and utilize all of our resources to help them receive quality leads and revenue growth that can positively impact their business. Overall, TakeOverSEO is a leading internet marketing firm that is heavily involved with enhancing the local growth for local businesses.

  • Our Expertise

    TakeOverSEO specializes in providing high quality SEO services in Memphis,TN.

    In addition, we assist companies in a wide array of different industries, from commercial retail to optometry. With integrity being one of our core values, we continue to work with companies that are reputable in their community.

    Nonetheless, TakeOverSEO offers numerous professional internet marketing services that can help tremendously boost your online presence. 

  • Who You Are Working With

    We understand that you have likely worked with other marketing agencies that haven’t delivered on their promises. Marketing is a risky investment after all, and unfortunately it takes a few bad experiences to learn the optimal route to take. In order to familiarize you with our company, here is some more information for you to understand who YOU are working with:

    1. All of our projects are handled in-house. It is important to establish your trust in us, and this can only be done if we personally work on your next marketing project.
    2. Our team takes a progressive approach to internet marketing. In all, we live and breathe marketing, so we are constantly staying up to date with the most recent SEO and local growth updates.
    3. We work directly with all of our clients. During our initial consultation, we listen to understand your goals and give our feedback when necessary. During your length of your project, we will stay in touch with you in case any urgent matter arises.
    4. Before we work with you, we will conduct an extensive interviewing process to discuss your project with each of our core team members.
    5. By working with us, you will be interacting with an experienced team with multiple success stories from local businesses. Moreover, our team has soaked in some essential marketing practices from other successful SEO & marketing experts and mentors to better assist our clients with their projects.

Meet The Team

  • Shane Perkins, CEO, Owner

    After a successful beginning in the corporate world, I discovered how powerful Search Engine Optimization is for growing businesses. Now, with my team, we’re helping those businesses build sustainable ROI through SEO and other Internet Marketing methods.

  • Duke Isaac Genon, SEO Campaign Specialist

    Duke’s strong communication skills, proficiency in conducting online research, persistence, strong analytical skills and ability to understand, report and act on data makes him the most effective SEO campaign specialist. His willingness to always go above and beyond client’s needs contributes a lot to the team and clients’ success.

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