Google's Ban On AdWords For Bail Bond Services

Ban On Google AdWords For Bail Bonds


Did you know that Google is banning paid ads (AdWords) for bail bonds services starting July 2018?  This means you will no longer be able to buy Google’s premium ad space to advertise your website and services. Inevitably you will also lose calls coming in from people finding you from a Google AdWords Advertisement.

This may greatly impact your business if you have been spending your marketing dollars to generate phone calls from potential clients through this type of online advertising. Let’s explore how the ending of Google “bail bonds” AdWords advertising may be countered by updating your online marketing plan.

The banning of Google AdWords for bail bonds services can be an opportunity to better establish your presence in the search engines and thereby generate more calls from potential clients in the locations that you want to get your clients from.  

As Google restricts its paid AdWords advertisement space, it makes taking care of the health of your website in the search engines drastically necessary.  A health check of your website, for example, can reveal whether or not you own your domain name, own the actual website, or own the content within the website. It can also show whether or not your site is “mobile friendly” to both iPhone and Android services and if it is connected to your social media outlets.  

Another critical component to understanding the health of your website is determining how powerful your website is in comparison to the competitors in your area. Without being able to buy Google AdWords, you and your fellow bail bonds agents are competing for the same prime “real estate” in Google’s organic search engine with results being solely based on the strength of your website.

This means that wherever your website is currently ranking in the non-paid ads sections of Google, you are at risk of it dropping lower if other competing businesses put resources into “powering up” the strength their websites to climb in the rankings and search engine ladder.

Essentially, the effort of “Powering up” or strengthening your website to make sure you can be found organically in the search engines is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is a comprehensive approach to making sure your website is seen and ranking with higher visibility than competitors in multiple search engines. Effective SEO can result in your business generating more traffic (someone going to your website) than using Adwords, which in turn, can mean new business for you from phone calls and other outreach methods.

The best SEO is done by a specialist that utilizes only “Industry Strength SEO Practices” and can show you a track record or case study of their results and is confident in the methods they use to drive more business to you through their services.

One thing is for sure, as online marketing and world wide web changes happen, it is a good idea to keep your website healthy, up to date, “user friendly” across all computer/tablet platforms and Android and Iphone “smart gadgets”, and highly visible in the search engines.

Our Top 5 Tips For Your Website’s Health and SEO Success

  • Own your Domain Name
  • Own your Website and Content
  • Update your Website’s Content Frequently
  • Review your Online Search Rankings Monthly or Quarterly
  • “Power Up” your Website with a Professional Organic SEO Provider
  • Bonus: Generate as many reviews as you can.

More info on the Google AdWords ban on Bail Bonds can be found here.

If you are unsure how to navigate through this transition from Adwords to generating your business organically from Google, call me at 901-315-1061 to schedule your FREE planning session OR fill out our online form here.

We will take time to understand where you want to generate business from and devise a business growth plan utilizing SEO services to make sure you understand how to be on the winning side of this major transition by Google!


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